About Wavelength PR

Public relations builds relationships with the people that matter to your organisation. The key to doing that successfully is to be on the same wavelength.

We help organisations tune into the wavelength of their customers, the community, their staff, the government and the media. We tailor strategies and communications that resonate with the people you need to reach.Our consultants have worked in-house, in agencies and in the media.

Wavelength Public Relations specialises in media and issues management, with sound skills across the various activities of public relations including media training, corporate communications, consumer communications, public affairs, social media strategies, internal communications and community relations.

We are not: an events company, an advertising company or a marketing company; we are a true public relations firm.

Public relations is a business function; it is not a bolt-on activity. When Wavelength represents a client, public relations is part of their business strategy.

The company was founded in 2006, originally trading as Hunter Valley Public Relations. In 2012 the business rebranded to Wavelength Public Relations to reflect the growth of the business and the scope of the existing clients.