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How to Earn the Reputation You Deserve
HOW TO EARN THE REPUTATION YOU DESERVE By Elizabeth Flaherty, Managing Director, Wavelength Public Relations. This article was originally published in Fusion, the magazine of Leading Age Services Australia (LASA). Reputation damage is inevitable in any business, but there are some industries where the stakes are higher when you get it wrong; Aged Care is […]

Why Executives Need to Google Themselves
WHY EXECUTIVES NEED TO GOOGLE THEMSELVES By Elizabeth Flaherty, Managing Director, Wavelength Public Relations.   Most companies are aware of the importance of their online reputation, but most individuals are unaware of their online reputation or how to protect it and that could be a major risk. Many executives believe if they don’t engage in […]

Media Release Consent
In today’s world of litigation, it continues to surprise us that organisations do not have adequate release forms or procedures for media, be it photography for a brochure or an interview with a television news crew. Many organisations have a media release form, sitting in a file on a shelf somewhere, but typically it is not enough to protect them from litigation or reputational damage.