Issues Management

The consultants of Wavelength Public Relations have provided strategic advice on a range of high profile incidents and also broader issues and outrage management. We have worked as a team in many high pressure situations and have a proven track record of providing clear strategic advice to successfully guide organisations and their staff through contentious issues. We know how to help organisations prepare for and surf a tsunami.


  • Power failures at tertiary referral hospitals;
  • Industrial workplace death;
  • Critical global medical supply issue ;
  • Health response to State Rail disasters;
  • High profile patient admissions to NSW hospitals;
  • Critical adverse patient outcomes in NSW hospitals;
  • Management of medico-legal issues at NSW hospitals, and
  • Whooping cough outbreaks in newborn intensive care and children’s hospitals.


  • Coal seam gas exploration and production;
  • Land access for infrastructure projects;
  • Geothermal energy exploration;
  • The initial roll out of ADSL in Australia;
  • A bank robbery at a financial institution;
  • National morphine supply issues;
  • Police shootings;
  • Fire destroying company buildings;
  • Loss of Australian pharmaceutical exports and jobs to India;
  • Initial state hospital response to SARS;
  • SARS response management in children’s hospitals;
  • Health response planning for Sydney airport disasters;
  • Cryptosporidium outbreaks relating to NSW Health;
  • Sexual assault of a patient in a public hospital;
  • Federal and State Ministerial media conferences;
  • National health and immigration media campaigns;
  • Olympic arrivals at Sydney airport, and Visiting international dignitaries and royalty to health facilities.