The work of Wavelength PR

  • Meditation and stress in the workplace

    Dr Ramesh Manocha had just completed the world’s most comprehensive study on meditation and stress in the workplace. A media release had been issued by the University, but it received no coverage. He called us to help publicise his research.

  • Referring Australian children directly for an MRI

    In May 2012 the Federal Government announced that for the first time general practitioners could refer Australian children directly for an MRI, without the critical time delays and additional costs of first referring them to a specialist.

  • Protect Our Industry

    We developed a public relations strategy for a consortium of Hunter Valley industries that opposed the development of the Bickham coal mine. The mine was knocked back.

  • Gas and renewable energy industry

    While we choose not to represent coal mining operations, we do support the safe development of gas and renewable energy.

Organisations we have worked with include:
Companies we have worked for include