The Wavelength PR Team

  • Elizabeth Flaherty

    Elizabeth Flaherty owns and operates Wavelength Public Relations. With more than 15 years experience in public relations and journalism, Elizabeth is a rare professional who has not only worked as a journalist in radio and newspaper, but in production roles for television news and current affairs.

  • Marguerite McKinnon
    Journalist / Senior Consultant

    Marguerite McKinnon has more than 18 years experience as a journalist with some of Australia’s leading media outlets including television, radio and print. In recent years she has worked internationally and across Australia as a specialist senior reporter

  • Michael Flaherty
    Director and security specialist

    Michael Flaherty was a Federal Agent with the Australian Federal Police for more than 13 years. Michael was a specialist in covert surveillance operations mainly targeting illicit drug rings, national and international fraud and terrorism.